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Current medical student and future doctor saving a life and smiling all the way. Thank you Kevin!

You could be someone’s cure!

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The cure for blood cancer is in the hands of ordinary people.

When a patient needs a donor, the best chance of a match is with someone of the same ethnic background. Hawaii’s population is unique and ethnically diverse. So Hawaii residents have great potential as donors. They can help not only patients from Hawaii but from all over the world. More than 90% of the time, doctors choose registry members between the ages of 18 and 40.

Registration is free

We don’t charge for 18-40-year-olds to register as donors. These younger donors provide the greatest chance for transplant success. Younger donors never pay to donate and are never paid for donating.

How do I register as a donor?

Register online

Online registration is easy. Visit our national Be The Match Registry website to fill out an electronic registration form.

Once it’s processed, a buccal (mouth) swab kit will be mailed to you. When you receive it, follow the swabbing instructions. They explain how to collect tissue samples on the inside of your mouth cheek.

Place the swab kit in the pre-paid envelope provided. Then mail it back to our National Marrow Donor Program Registry.

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Register in person

You can also register in person at one of our upcoming Be The Match Hawaii events. Visit our Facebook page for details on our registry drives and fundraisers.

What to expect

At our donor registry drive events, we’ll ask you to fill out a registration form. Please bring along the contact information of at least two people who know you well. We may need their help to locate you should you become selected as a donor. When a patient is searching for a matching donor, time is critical and we need to find you as soon as possible. We’ll also do a buccal (mouth) swab process. We’ll collect tissue samples using four cotton swabs on the inside of your mouth cheek. No blood is collected from you at our drives.

The registration process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. So, it’s fast, easy and painless to register.

Why Register - The Facts

Every 3 minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with leukemia or another form of blood cancer.

About 70 percent of patients in need of a transplant do not have a matching donor in their family. They depend on the Be The Match Registry to find an unrelated donor or umbilical cord blood unit.

What's Involved - How a Match is Found

A person’s best chance of finding a donor may be with someone of the same ethnic background. Hawaii is racially diverse. So Hawaii residents may be able to help not only patients from Hawaii but from all over the worldOnly 1 out of every 430 registered donors will actually be chosen as a match and be asked to donate.

You may be the ONLY one to save a life! Take your first step by joining the Be The Match® bone marrow registry.

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Can't join the registry?

There are many ways you can support the cause.

You can make a difference in the lives of patients and their families by raising funds and adding potential donors to the registry.